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Whether you are an educator, professional, parent, consumer, student, or just someone interested in special education, we hope that you find what you need here at spedex.com. We continue to strive to provide resources such as links, online documents, listings of professionals, job listings, school and university listings, and forums in easy-to-use formats.

Since first launching the web version in 1996, Spedex has relied on you to help us grow. With that in mind, we welcome any suggestions you may have in regards to the content we should provide, and are always actively soliciting any articles or documents you may wish to share for the benefit of others.


Special Announcement - On June 26, 2009, amazon.com abruptly ended its affiliate program for participants located ONLY in North Carolina (which is where spedex.com is based). Our Bookstore is currently based on amazon.com, and the small amount earned from sales helps to offset the expense of running this site. We hope to make this transition as smooth as possible, although in the future we may need to reassess who we associate with for the Bookstore.

This site has been designed with universal access, ease of use, and speed of loading in mind.